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Position Papers are the one of the favorite academic assignments handed out to students during their academic tenure. They are considered to be interesting as they provide an opportunity for students to put forward an argument. This argument can be regarding anything that the given topic. Many are unable to provide valid explanations and hence, face problems. Moreover, it shares traits with reaction papers. Furthermore, the students should learn the exact ways of writing position papers to avoid losing marks.

How to Compose a Position Paper?

Position Papers are similar to reaction papers because they also include personal opinions. Students provide their own views regarding a topic and do not refer to outside sources. The students’ personal experience should reflect in the articles to make it look more realistic.

An important advice is to start the introduction of the position paper with a solid thesis statement. This confirms the reader what the writer is trying to say. Moreover, the main body paragraphs provide clarification of the writers’ views and provides further arguments. Furthermore, the best position papers are always have two sides and include arguments for opposing views. The conclusion showcases the final verdict.

If you include data from outside resources, make sure you cite them. Moreover, plagiarism should be avoided by all means. The students should make sure they make use of all these instructions to get better grades. If you still need help, you can check the samples on our website.

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