Hypertension Essay Assignment Discussion Paper

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Hypertension Essay Assignment Discussion Paper


Raul Castro has benign essential hypertension. Main Term:___. Essential Modifier: ___

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Answer:- The main term ; Hypertension Essential modifier; Essential Raul Castro has been diagnosed with “bengin essential hypertension”. This means that he has high blood pressure in his arteries.
Hypertension that is not caused by any other underlying medical condition (essential). The term “bengin” in this context means that his Hypertension is not considered to be severe or life threatening.
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There are two main types of hypertension:- essential or primary hypertension and secondary hypertension.
1. Essential hypertension:- It is most common type of Hypertension and occurs in about 90 to 95% of people with high blood pressure. It is usually diagnosed when there is no identifiable underlying medical condition that can explain the high level of blood pressure. 2. Secondary hypertension:- It is caused due to underlying medical condition such as kidney disease, sleep apnea, or certain medications. If Raul castro’s Hypertension was caused by one of these underlying conditions, it would not be considered essential hypertension.
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The term “bengin” in this context means that Raul Castro’s Hypertension is not expected to cause significant complications or adverse health outcomes. This is in contrast to malignant Hypertension, Which is a severe and lethal form of Hypertension.
Hypertension is characterized by high blood pressure in the arteries. It is chronic condition that can lead to various complications such as heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, and vision loss. Essential hypertension, also known as primary hypertension, is most common form of Hypertension and does not have a specific identifiable cause.
Final answer
So, the statment “Raul Castro has bengin essential hypertension” indicates that he has high blood pressure that is not caused by any other underlying medical condition, and it is not considered to be severe or life threatening Hypertension Essay Assignment Discussion Paper

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